Light 29.04.15

Superia_ iljuset2 (2)-1-2

Fuji Superia.

New York 14.04.15


Ricoh GR, New York.


Ricoh test 03.04.15


First shot from my Ricoh GR.

London Walk 30.03.15


Ricoh GR, London.

Ricoh GR 29.03.15


Ricoh GR, London.

Angulon 21 14.02.15


Leica M4-P with a Super-Angulon 21mm.

Super Angulon 21. 16.01.15


New lens, Leica Super-Angulon 21 f/3.4. Like it a lot!

Ellie 06.01.15



Here is my little niece. Her name is Ellie!

Retina and x100s 30.12.14


After buying a new computer, I can now see that the images on my site does not look good on a Retina Display. I have not a clue how to fix it right now.

I’m currently testing a Fuji X100s. It’s pretty hard to shoot with a digital camera after almost two years with only film Leicas. I’m not ready to make the change completely but I will probably use digital and film together. I will just film for black and white and digital for color. Something tells me that I will shoot with film the most.

If you use a retina display you can visit my flickr for better image quality!